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Introduction to (management system) Success

The focus of my website is the "management system" and how to make it work.

I am not sure where the term "management system" originated from but, to me, a management system, first of all, is a plan; a plan to reach objectives and obtain success. 

"Plan" sounds purpose and future, to go to a destination, away from present. "Management System" sounds legislation and certification. "Plan" relates to leadership - making changes, getting better. "Management System" relates to management - getting and maintaining control.

When going through my website, please consider that my background is in "safety" involved in field risk observation and estimation, safety management systems, consulting, training and audits. I used to work with the ISRS (International Safety Rating System) and predecessors and was instrumental in setting up the contractor safety certification system (SCC or VCA) in The Netherlands and used in several countries in Europe. I spend most of my working life in industrial insurance and certification but also had my own consultancy and, for a short period, was the director of a fire fighting training school. My basic education was in chemical engineering and industrial engineering.

As a management consultant, internal or external, what knowledge is more important to help your client to become better?


The technical information of your client’s operation?




The process through which your client will improve himself (with your help)?


Management systems have interfaces with many related subjects. Across my website I will refer to a number of those but will not go into much detail as not to lose the focus of my website.



A Management System ....

is a plan indicating: "this is where we want to be and the way we will get there".

That can be orally or in written form on paper or electronically.

To make your management system effective to reach desired objectives you need three things:

The Process to make and execute your plan, Content and Structure


I tried to arrange my website in a certain order - see "Reading my Website" below - so you may be able to read through it in a more or less logical sequence. Following the suggested order, you will go through some background information related to making your management system work and improving it once it is operational. 

The scope of my website is very broad and I will not cover everything that one could possibly cover. I do that on purpose to not confuse the focus of my website. But also because I do not know everything and, as a matter of fact, do not need to in order to discuss the essence of making a management system successful.

Management System Success = Management Success

The basic ingredients for management system success are only few; the principles involved have a broad application and can be applied to all sorts of management systems, irrespective their objectives.

Reading my website

To facilitate reading my website you will, at the end of each page, find a link to the next suggested page. If you follow the links, my website serves as a short course on management, management systems and how to make those work. Of course you may skip pages as you see fit. You may also see the same information more than once and if that happens, just see it as a refresher - the reason why I repeat part of the text is to add some body to the subject as visitors to my website may just land on any page and not follow the path that I suggest for better understanding.

Topves logo - Combination of Platform Model and 17-Step Process

My logo: a combination of the Platform model including the essentials for improvement and change and the continuous improvement cycle that is part of 17-Step Process to build a management system for management success.



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