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I dedicated this page to the subject of “Good Management practices” as I know from my old website that quite a number of people are interested in the subject. And it also fits very well within the framework of this website.


GOOD Management Practices?


Even so, I have my observations related to the term GOOD management practices. What is good to me may not be good to you or may even be too much for you. Good is very subjective and what is good today will not be so good tomorrow.  


Industry's BEST Practice?


People also use the term BEST management practice or talk about “industry’s best practice”. I have the same feeling about this term and even more so as it seems to indicate that there is no better. No better? There always is and will be! Or do they mean to say: "this is the best there is (today)?" Then my question would be: "Is this is the best, is it good enough?"


GOOD or BEST Management Practice ?


Using the terms “good” or best” get more perspective if there is a large body of consensus, either with a particular industry or with a certain profession. Certification may also help. The problem, however, is that many companies or people must agree so “best” or “good” or the certificate criteria will always not be the best but in practice will always be “good enough”- for the certificate.


I also think that “good” and “best” seem to be rather static and do not indicate that there is or must be a “better” management practice. “Better” meaning that if you use that, the future will be better, the results will be better, better than the past.


BETTER Management Practice!


Maybe the term to use is BETTER management practice and, at least, I prefer that as “better” seems to indicate momentum to a better situation. It indicates that you will be better than before or better than the competition.


Better Management pracatices are also defined as: "Methods or techniques found to be the most effective and practicalmeans in achieving an objective (such as preventing or minimizing pollution) while making the optimum use of the firm's resources."


BETTER Management Practices are GOOD Management Practices


Better Management Practices are those practices – or “activities” – that will bring better results.


That is the subject of this website: becoming better, to reach to a better performance directed by top management and flowing down the organization to obtain the cooperation of all concerned.


I can see only one way via which top management can effectively steer the organization into the desired direction: using a management system indicating objectives and activities to be carried out.


I can see only one way by which the cooperation of all concerned can be obtained: by involving people in the development and execution of activities to be carried out by using the 17-step, or similar, process.


Here is a list of some good management practices as I see them and as related to this website. Please bear in mind that I have a safety management background so some of the items below may be more specifically related to that business area. But, I assume, you will get the idea. and be able to add to this from your own professional perspective.



 Better Management Practices - Combination of Platform Model and 17-Step Process


1. General

In fact, I have only one item here: the 17-step process. If you would use that with good intentions, this will affect contents and structure of your management system in such a way that implementation of activities and results will bring success.


The 17-step process reflects the issues that you will find on my website such as: philosophy, management system content, management system (element) structure and culture.


2. Identifying problem(s)

3. Controlling (potential) problems through activities such as: 

  • Hiring and placement of personnel
  • Task risk assessment
  • Design of machinery, installations, workplace
  • Design of procedures, rules, work instructions
  • Purchasing of goods and services
  • Training of management, supervision and operators
  • Change Management, modifications of processes, installations, work-methods, etc.
  • Communications

4. Looking for deviations

  • Behavior of people
  • Task observations
  • Inspections
  • Audits  

5. Coping with actual problems

  • Emergency preparedness 
  • Post Event Plan (PEP) 

6. Learning from what did not go so well

7. Keeping systems alive and improve

  • Management Review
BETTER Management Practices - Doing the RIGHT things BETTER



BETTER Management Practices

DOING the right things BETTER



The questions then are:

  • what are the right things to do?
  • what is the right way of doing those things and do them better?

That obviously depends on the objectives of the management system that is being used. And it depends on the objectives of the activity areas of elements that make up the management system. So you have two main indicators to find out if you are on the right track:

  • the results of the overall management system
  • the results of the individual elements

And if you do not get the results, you apparently are not doing what you should be doing.


If you use the 17-step process to build your management system and apply the principles communicated via this website, you should end up doing the right things the right way. Now that is better management practice and to you this would be the best management practice as you get the results that you are looking for.  




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