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Risk Management Resources


Risk Management Resources

1. MORT - Management Oversight and Risk Tree. MORT is decision tree based tool to investigate accidents. It was developed in the seventies to assist investigation of accidents in nuclear and other complex and high hazardous industries. Development was done by Bill Johnson of SSDC (Systems Safety Development Center). More information can be obtained via the SSDC website where you can also order MORT Charts and the MORT User Guide.

MORT Manual and Chart can also be downloaded from the NRI - Noordwijk Risk Initiative site. Website also provides other MORT related products such as the Operational Readiness Tree.

2. The Fine / Kinney risk classification method was originally set up by William T. Fine of Naval Ordnance Laboratory in 1971 and named "Mathematical Evaluations for Controlling Hazards". Renamed and revised as "Practical Risk Analysis for Safety Management" by G.F. Kinney et al, Naval Weapons Center (1976). The document was registered as a NTIS report under number NWC-TP-5865 but it does not seem to be available through them. Search the Internet for "Practical Risk Analysis for Safety Management", G.F. Kinney.

Two simple calculation tools in relation to the Fine/Kinney method can be obtained through SafetyRisk in Australia, click here.


3. Job Safety Analysis - a MORT related document obtainable through the NRI - Noordwijk Risk Initiative site. While the document discusses safety risks, the scope of method can be extended to also include other job related risks.


4. Change Control and Analysis - another MORT related document made available through the

NRI - Noordwijk Risk Initiative website. Change is a fundamental concept in safety. Bill Johnson (the author of the original MORT project report) had a saying: "Change is the mother of twins, progress and trouble".


5. Another MORT related document "Safety Considerations in Evaluation of Maintenance Programs" made available by the NRI, the Noordwijk Risk Initiative. While the document specifically relates to safety issues, it can easily be translated to affect risk management issues in a broader sense.


6. NRI - Noordwijk Risk Initiative has uploaded a new publication: “Using Operational Readiness to improve the Management of Risk”. Operational readiness is a philosophy that can be applied to making and keeping ready any purposeful system or activity (operation). Although safety risks are an important theme, operational readiness deals with all aspects of operational performance. This new publication presents the concepts of operational readiness and generic processes for applying them. Later volumes will deal with topics such as operational readiness programmes, readiness review and tools - links to these will be provided when they come available. 



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