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[1] Risk Management, Safety and Control of Loss - Protecting Your Organization

[2] Making Your Future - In Business and in Other Parts of Life 



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  • The improvement model "Plan - Train - Do" based on Management Leadership and Motivation contains the essentials for organizational change and Management Success.
  • For best results of a management system, performance level measurement should include input as well as output related criteria.
  • Making the Improvement Plan, the first step on the road to getting better and one of the core parts of the 17-step process to management success.
  • A standing plan is basically the same as a management system and will there for the duration of the undertaking, organization or company.
  • A Single Use Plan has a specific goal, a defined budget and is there for a limited period. In principle, setting up a single use plan is similar to setting up a standing plan or management system.
  • Train for improvement, the training and/or instruction of people to properly implement the plan or management system activities established to obtain results.
  • Implement plan towards success, the most essential part of the platform model and step15 of the 17-step process to improvement.
  • Leadership and motivation the basis for posiitive change and the start of following the 17 steps process towards success.
  • The Management System, the combination for success: [1] content including management activity areas ("elements") and management activities and [2] right element structure.
  • Management System Success depends on the need felt by management to make the management system work followed by application of the 17-step process to build the system.
  • The improvement process is based on the Topves platform model Plan-Train-Do and further detailed in the 17-step process.
  • The structure of management system elements is vital to obtaing the success of the overall management system and provides many more opportunities for improvement.
  • The content of a management system includes the management activity areas assumed necessary to obtain the objective(s) of the system.
  • A short review of the history of SCC between 1989 and 1994.
  • VCA, referentie kader voor het verkrijgen van het VCA Certificaat. Gebruik de checklijst voor het opzetten van een management systeem dat (veel) verder gaat dan alleen ongevallen met verzuim.
  • Industry management system examples showing possible content of a management system. The examples are safety related but would also serve systems such as quality, environment and productivity.
  • Some avalable Commercial Audit Systems.



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