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  • Once it is operational improving the management system will be high on your list to make sure that the system is working and delivering the expected results.
  • The audit is the instrument to verify whther management system activities are carried out as planned. If not then it is unlikely that the objective of the management system will be obtained.
  • Audit system examples are provided to demonstrate the various wys that such systems can be set up.
  • Management System Rating is very useful for communication purposes to indicate the performance level in relation to the management system adopted by the company.
  • The International Safety Rating System (ISRS) has been one of the first commercially available safety audit and management system references.
  • Accidents and incidents and other unwanted events are an excellent source to improve the management system and management success. Learning form accidents: management success by accident?
  • The accident investigation protocol example can be used to develop a company protocol for improving the management system by learning from unwanted events.
  • The accident report is the information carrier to guide the process of uncovering causes of the unwanted event to prevent and limite future loss and could be in written or electronic form.
  • Accident investigation is the investigation and cause analysis of accidents, incidents and other type of unwanted events to develop and implement remedial actions and reduce risk.
  • The purposes of accident analysis is to uncover the causes of accidents, incidents and other type of events to take remedial actions to prevent or limit future loss.
  • Incident recall is an interview practice to uncover unwanted events that have not been reported but may be of interest from a learning and improvement point of view.
  • Accident Imaging: imagin what can go wrong; an important source for improving elements of the management system, to control risks and profits.



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